Friday, August 31, 2012

What did I know of Mitt

So let's set the stage. Here I am with my brother, we're cleaning out my freshman room at Stanford. That's where Mitt went for his freshman year, before his mission in Paris, before completing his college years at BYU. So what did I know of Mitt...not much. But I DID sit next to him in Western Civ. Seeing as it's an election year, maybe I'll just jot down my impressions. Actually I already have, they are in this poem (see below). For me it all seems just like Yesterday, which of course was one of the big hits for that year.

Just another boy in the class

Seated next to me in the course formerly known as

Western Civilization was Mr. Mormon himself,

the one we see on television running for President.

Each week he wore a different-colored button-down

Oxford-cloth shirt, and because I was close by,

I could see how darker pixels mixed with white

to make pale lavender, or robin's-egg blue, or

the yellow that went particularly well with his tanned

complexion, his smoothed-back, un-ruffled coiffure.

The week we covered pantheism must have been

especially difficult for him. While he was undoubtedly

used to the concept of multiple wives, the idea that

different godheads might reside in various rocks

and streams must have been slightly threatening.

I remember he found talking easy, the way most of the

males in the class took to grandstanding, but can't

remember anything he said, which is the difficulty

he carries with him to the present day. Not surprisingly

I have become suspicious of latter-day saints,

rumpled agnostics win me over with their gritty allure.


Peggy said...

amazing! love the image of him in western civ next to you.

...and the yellow raincoat! what good times we had in the rain. . .

slopoet said...

Just checked into my blog and saw your comment awaiting moderation--sorry it took so long. I'm writing the day after we eliminated this scumbag from the national scene, what a relief! I still have a yellow raincoat (different one!) but think of you when I wear it. Today it snowed!