Sunday, May 6, 2012

New home

Wonderful to be able to read books again, I've read about 5 novels in the last few weeks. Can't do that when you're buying a house, no way. And once you're actually moved, there are more things to do, bookcases to buy, orchestrate the handyman, the electrician, the plumber. But we love it. Love the house, the neighborhood. We've been to New York recently, visited family in D.C., drove down to southern New Jersey in the pinelands. We're a bifurcated family--I got my NJ driver's license and plates but Bill is behind me, still a nutmegger. Love driving the countryside around here, lots of preserved farmland. And I am bicycling again--starting from my house across local parks, on the campus of Lawrenceville School, wherever my wheels take me. This last week poetry workshop was up north of here near a village called Ringoes, sometimes it's at various people's houses in Princeton. I am hosting in mid-June. Also, I am reading in a few weeks as representative for U.S. 1 Worksheets in West Caldwell, amazingly very close to where my Condit relatives lived. I am determined to solve my dead-end Dutch ancestry, the Sanfords and the Simonsons. I will either find them in sources at the New York Public Library, where I have a card (!) or maybe in the Trenton State Archives. Onward.

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