Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mitt is gone

Dave and Bill along the canal

Snow in our backyard
Clean slate here in Lawrenceville, pure white snow falling all evening. We went out to dinner in Princeton, having driven there to attend a poetry reading which was cancelled. We hardy Californians are always puttering about in the snow, doesn't stop us. What a wonderful world today, all traces of right-wing hysteria O-MITT-ed. Maybe it was the visit of our friend Dave Berry, Scotsman, that brought good luck. He has won all his local elections, serves the East Lothian Council. Last weekend before the ahem, hurricane, we walked along the D&R Canal and dined at the Blue Point Grill. The next day, my birthday (64th) we had breakfast in Lambertville. Then, the coolest thing was that the San Francisco Giants won the fourth game of the World Series, sweeping Detroit, was still my birthday! Next day, Hurricane Sandy arrived. Terrifying winds, transformers outside our window cracking and flashing, then complete darkness. We stuck it out at home for a couple of days, temps dipping to 52 degrees inside at night. Spent the daytime picking up wifi in the Princeton Library and Small World Coffee. Then we jumped onto a Septa train and rode to Philly and the Hilton Garden Inn. A little thing like hot showers (why do we own yet another house with an electric water heater??). Pretended to be on vacation, tapas one night, Northern Italian the next. But nervous how long the power outage would be, not wanting to spend too many nights in our hotel. And then we needed to vote, which we were going to do in Trenton, but gloriously our neighbor emailed us that the lights were back on. So now we've been home for a few days. And tonight it's snowing. Should be sunny tomorrow, sun on snow, now that's a lovely sight.

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