Monday, February 13, 2012


I know there must be someone out there following this blog. If so, you're probably wondering...when will she return? And what has she been doing in the meantime?? Well, all I can say is that from the end of summer until now we have been criss-crossing the country, thinking hard about the future, where we might want to live if we moved from here, and so there was no blog time for me. First we thought of buying my sister's cottage, left over from her bed-and-breakfast empire, in South Pasadena. A few blocks from Buster's, a few more blocks to my sister's house, and my nephew's family. So we had to fly out there and check it out. We decided the house didn't really feel like "us." So after a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation, which included a stop in New York, and a family visit in Washington, D.C., I stopped in at Princeton to look again at a house Bill and I had seen in early October. It spoke to us. We were listening. We made a hard choice. We don't have the house yet...but it is within our grasp. In fact, I may be blogging again in a few days, imagine that. We'll keep you all posted. In the meantime, the photo of the day is a family portrait my cousins sent me of my great-great-grandfather Patrick Henry Rafter, who came to New Jersey (him too!) from Ireland. Recently I was perusing a fantastic genealogy blog written by a descendant of the Miner family--it had so many great features I decided, well, to start my own. Based on his model. So if you get tired of waiting around for slopoet to tell all, you can head off to, where you find lots of action, and more coming soon!

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