Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waking Up the Blog

a foot and a half more or less
You never know who might show up here, expecting to find an up-to-date blog. The last post was oh-so-last year. Would you like to go forwards or backwards? I prefer going forwards, on the Metro at least. We'll have to pick up just after Christmas (white) when Karen and Fede and the girls arrived to help us celebrate the new year. No champagne (we all went to bed early...) but lots of cookies. The heaviest snow came a few weeks later, one day it was a foot and a half. As February rolled in, we rolled down to D.C. to attend AWP, sold quite a few Sixteen Rivers books at our table, some great readings (one at Busboys and Poets was especially good). Bill and I also went on a tour of the Library of Congress, which took us to the top of the building where the Poet Laureate's office is...he wasn't in. For Presidents Day we had a visit from the grandchildren, walking the Stony Creek Trolley trail was a particularly nice excursion.

bnb cottage in South Pasadena
Bill and I left suddenly for California that week, as my sister's husband, Len, had passed away. Many tears, but a lot of pride watching my nieces and nephews, and my two very grownup great nephews, speak about their Nonno at the service in my childhood church, filled with hundreds of mourners. We had fun staying in the last part of my sister's bed and breakfast she hadn't yet sold, the cottage in the rear. And we had a nice dinner with Mimi, too. Not the California visit we had planned, but it turned out to be a meaningful visit with family and friends.

The Brigantine in the Pine Barrens
In March we went down to NY to hear Bob Hass, Adam Zagajewski and Claire Cavanagh read and talk about their connections with Czeslaw Milosz. A bonus was getting together for breakfast with Gwen and Norm at the M. Wells Diner, and seeing their apartment in Long Island City. At the end of the month we took our (now) annual trip to New Jersey. We met our friend Carolyn down in the Pine Barrens, where she took us on a tour of the Brigantine, a wildlife preserve in vast stretches of marshland, and a view far off of..Atlantic City. The next day Bill and I drove to Batsto, a former iron manufacturing company town--we thought we'd spend about an hour, but it was really fascinating, so of course we were there much longer! We drove up through the pine forests to Princeton, and the next day I joined my fellow U.S. 1 Poets in a reading at the Princeton Library from the new anthology. We also ate for the first time at the Blue Point Grill, had to eat at the counter, but it was really great! Dropped William at the Princeton Junction station the next morning (he was off to play bridge with Harry in NY), drove home in a little rain, stopping for lunch at the Runcible Spoon in Nyack. I think we're pretty up-to-date now. Time for Easter brunch in Gilmanton!

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