Sunday, January 2, 2011

November eases into December

Hudson, NY
After driving the nifty Volvo station wagon rental car in the Land of Altena (our Netherlands part of the trip), I didn't wait a week before I visited the New London Volvo dealer. It helped that The Broken Yolk breakfast place was nearby. I'm now learning to pronounce the new car I own. I guess it's Vahl-voh not Vohl-vo, I keep trying to turn it into an Italian car. So we set off in the new vahl-voh, driving west for Thanksgiving. First stop was Hudson where we discovered a great coffee place, The Swallow. Then we stayed in Cooperstown at the August Lodge. The next morning we had breakfast in town, and visited the Fenimore Museum, which was a delight.

Fenimore Museum
Then on to Buffalo to see Jenny and Phil and the kids. Their cousins were visiting as well, so everyone had someone to play with. Thanksgiving dinner was yummy, each family's contribution a little different, the Croatian goodies, my sweet potatoes roasted with pecans and currants, and succulent turkey roasted by Phil's parents. Snow fell while we were there so we had a nice outing in a recreation area south of the city. On the way home we stopped in Skaneateles, then stayed in Cooperstown again.

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