Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2nd leg of our cross-country trip: Arizona

Boulders lay on top of each other in surreal piles. Our rented car snaked around bends that the wagon trains once traversed. Outside Yuma helmeted children of all ages surfed down the dune hillsides in dune buggies of all sizes, and there were RV's as far as the eye could see. From Yuma we drove east to Gila Bend for lunch at the Space Age restaurant. Then southeast to Ajo, a delightful and surprising town with arcades on three sides of a grassy plaza. At sunset we were gliding across the Tohono O'odham Indian reservation, stopped at the Shell station in Sells, the colors of the mountains and sky purple against electric blue.

The next day in Tucson we walked around the downtown civic center, St. Augustine Cathedral, the Pima County Courthouse, City Hall and the Federal Building. The latter structure's glass entryway served up a luscious photo op.

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