Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1st leg of our cross-country trip: California

On December 24th we drove straight down 5 (not "the 5" as they say in So Cal), and sometimes on 33 (the Busy Bee Bakery fellow made us nice sandwiches in Coalinga: white bread, squirted-on mayonnaise, triangles of American cheese, turkey, lettuce, peppers, tomato). We arrived at San Marino Community Church just in time to see a determined angel rushing up the aisle (the others were gliding or otherwise drifting angel-like)--the determined one was my great-niece Elena, she did a great job.

On Christmas Day the family took the traditional Christmas Day walk. And the day after, William and I headed out to Santa Anita for opening day at the track. Had a great time, beautiful horses, the mariachi bands, none of the beautiful horses won for us so neither of us could gloat.

On Saturday we took the Surfliner down to San Diego and arrived in Point Loma to visit with our friend Janet Richards. At 90+ she took the lead on our walk on Shelter Island. The sky at sunset was lovely, Jim Hubbell's sculptures gleamed, a hulking cruise ship edged its way in the harbor, symbols of danger and waste side by side with Hubbell's gates of peace.

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