Monday, May 7, 2007

slopoet meditates on the saltbox

Nice saltbox for sale in Guilford, CT. [This isn't the "saltbox"--it's a historic house in Guilford, the Whitfield house, very near the Village Green]. Back to the house for sale--vintage 1970s, so it wouldn't be an ancient structure with low counters for Revolutionary War-vintage short people. Don't want to be hunched over stirring the pot on the stove. Pond on the property. Brings up the mosquito issue. How do you ask people politely how the mosquitoes are, well, year-round. Only bad in the summer? Only at dusk? Can you spend time in the backyard between May and October?

Houses in the East seem primarily to be 2-story. All the nice ones, at least. Some ranch houses. Who likes a ranch house. Too Californian. Then again, what do we do about our knees? Can they be trusted to behave? For me, the left one keeps giving way, all of a sudden, halfway up or down the stairs. The other knee gives me grief when I sit down. They are feeling better this week, not sure what to think. When will the "giving way" start to manifest itself?

We'll just have to save up money to install an elevator in whatever charming house we decide we have to have. It'll be a two-story one, I guarantee it. Maybe we can find one where our predecessors were old, too, and lame. House comes with...elevator.

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