Sunday, April 29, 2007

slopoet visits plymouth church

We'd crossed over from Hoboken to Manhattan by ferry, a gorgeous, clear day. Then we descended to the subway, zipped over to Brooklyn Heights. We were going to visit Plymouth Church, where Henry Ward Beecher preached for many years, also an important stop on the Underground Railway. Glad to find the station had an elevator, shaky knees. Imagine our delight rounding the corner in the station and finding this lovely tile representation of Plymouth Church, our very destination.

When we got to the actual church, it was locked, but we could see into the courtyard we had first viewed in the "tile" version. We rounded another corner, saw the church office door, also locked. But we buzzed. The woman who answered the buzz not only let us in, but gave us an impromptu tour of the sanctuary.

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rags said...

The Clark Street Station is where you'll find those tiles. Well worth seeing even if you don't go to the church.