Monday, August 28, 2017

Summer 2017

Flying to Zurich was a great idea, we really enjoyed our stays there at the beginning and end of our trip in June. After Zurich we headed south to Bologna, dinner at Ristorante al Sangiovese for old time's sake. Then we reported to the Villa Torre alle Tolfe outside of Siena for the 9-day seminar led by my old professor/director Giuseppe Mammarella.

Pinturicchio fresco in
Piccolomini Library in
Siena's Duomo
Giuseppe Mammarella

A shame there was a heat wave on at the same time, made some of the touring somewhat arduous. We really enjoyed meals with the group, trips to Siena, Lucca, Florence, Arezzo and Montalcino, and classes back at the villa (Italian film, Political Science, Art, and even Italian lessons, the advanced class for me).

At the new Stanford campus in Florence
Il Gruppo di 2017

After the seminar was over, we rented a car (wanted a Volvo, were given an Alfa Romeo, not really ideal for dirt roads...!) and set off for Country House Montali (our last visit had been in 2010 so we were long overdue). This whole trip was really a celebration of our ten-year anniversary, a little late. The pool at Montali was really welcome in the heat and the food was as good as ever. We made short trips, one to Perugia, another to Panicale to see again the room where we were married.

Portrait of Masolino
in Panicale Town Hall
Perugino's Madonna
and Child in Fontignano

When this part was done, we took the train to Milan, another great dinner at Hostaria al Borromei, and the next day boarded the Bernina Express for stunning views of the Swiss countryside on the way back to Zurich. One of the Siena seminar group lives in Zurich so we spent some time with her on our last day, as well as visiting James Joyce's grave.

James Joyce, Zurich

Bill and Betty Gerson, lunch in Zurich
Dinner at Olea in Brooklyn
on our way home from Europe
I wasn't home very long before it was time to go to Chester again with my special poetry friends. Refreshment for the mind before our month in Gilmanton. Which has just now concluded. I would say the highlight of Gilmanton this year was my winning the annual croquet match. So I am up-to-date for once. Always an article for the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey to finish--the current one is our fifth in the series and due to come out in mid-September.

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