Friday, December 4, 2009

book angst over

The anthology, part and parcel of my dreams and untold waking hours as well, has just been signed, sealed and delivered to our door. Looks great, its lovely design, the poems lifting off the page with their authors floating in luminous gray, Richard smiling at us, Katrina at the window, the misty Grass Island scene on the cover, the whimsical bicycle holding up the rear, and all those wonderful poems people submitted beginning way last March, early this year. On display here, the postcard, send them out!

It seems we just got back home from Gilmanton, for Thanksgiving. Dinner at Heather's, a lovely walk around the Beaver Pond with Mark, Bill, Cocoa, Tyler and his friend Sofia. And now we're going back again for Joe's 80th birthday party. After the book launch party. Hmmm, have to fit in thinking about Christmas presents, cards, a tree. I'm sure it will all work out. After Christmas we're taking the train down to D.C. to spend a few days with Karen, Fede and the girls. And then back to NYC, a bridge event for Bill, visiting museums for me. Well, he might get to go to a few museums, too, I'm sure we can work that out too!

Before we know it, it will be 2010. The year 10. No more oughts. The century is gathering speed. All those things we did when we were young seem so long ago. But, just as they explain about the brain, those memories are solid, it's the things that happened last week that are first to go. Hopefully, not all of them.

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