Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The December Post

My root canal specialist reminded me of the saying, if you don't like the weather in New England, just wait five minutes! So a few nights back I woke up to Quiet. That's how I would describe it. Only one inch of snow, but it was like a blanket over everything. So of course I got out my camera. Good thing, too, because the snow was almost all gone by the next day. And today, just a few days later, it's 60 degrees!

December is starting out well. Bill had a nice visit in Buffalo with the kids, got to attend Clare's 4th birthday party. Breakwater Books in town is carrying my book on consignment. Jane and I attended the Christmas tree lighting on the Guilford Green. And the turkeys are back! I guess they thought it was safe to show up around here after Thanksgiving. What do our turkeys look like? Well, I would describe them as looking like an oversized pheasant. They were milling around our front door on the snow day--left their huge feetprints in the snow, like some sci-fi mutant movie. And I spotted some deer in our woods recently.

We spent Thanksgiving week first in Boston (Bill playing bridge in a duplicate tournament), then in Gilmanton. Got Drew Farm ready for its winter slumber, making sure all the windows were tight, bringing Christmas ornaments down from the attic, shining up the kitchen floor. Good news, our teenage hoodlum "visitors" had been apprehended by the police, so we hope Drew Farm will be left in peace. The day after Thanksgiving there was a light snow there, also, gone the next day. Here's what it looked like up at Drew Farm in early morning:

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