Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On vacation from moving

It was so hard tearing ourselves away from those boxes...even though we had tackled almost all of them before we went on vacation. Hugs from Frano, Clare and the sometimes standoffish Lucy (15 mos. into the world) awaited us in Gilmanton, as did the black satin water of Loon Pond. The loons made almost a daily appearance this year. There was too much rain (helping take care of the grandchildren indoors always seems more daunting!). But the sun shone bright for the Rock Party, Mark Mallory's annual party high up in the blueberry fields above the Beaver Pond. Don and Luann's party on the deck at Green Pastures was going strong until a sudden thunderstorm, but there was room for all indoors. Much wrangling ensued at the annual Hottel Listening Party. The subject was "Madame Butterfly," and I made such a good case for Renata Tebaldi's rendition of Un Bel Di over Maria Callas' I managed to convince our group to swing to her side. When we joined the parlor group imagine our surprise they were all going for Victoria de los Angeles!

I have to announce here the stunning victory of my spouse William in the annual croquet match beside Faculty Glade at the Wight House. Tasty hors d'oeuvres (salmon smoked in Alaska by Josh Onion!) and various liquid refreshments helped keep us on track as the light was dimming.

Last night we helped Wendy and Allan Berlind celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary at Jordan's Ice Creamery in Belmont. And tonight we'll be joining Roger and Liz Clark for dinner in Meredith. Tomorrow, on to Albany, and Thursday--Saratoga!!

Then we'll go home on Friday, to Guilford, that is. I think we own a home there. With some boxes in it.

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