Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Connecticut bound

It has been more than a month since the last post. Something to do with buying/selling houses, obtaining a loan. So the dream you read about in the last post is soon to become a reality. In a few months (or sooner!) we will be living in Guilford, Connecticut. And be Nutmeggers.

I believe I am truly lucky. As a child I was entranced with New England, whenever my family travelled there. And the electoral map, well, in those Republican landslides only New England and the SF Bay Area are depicted as blue. The place we are going to has a beautiful public library, excellent local independent bookstores, 2 town beaches, forest paths, and strong, local conservation
groups. A place to write, I think--about time!

This post will be brief. You don't want to hear about how many boxes we have packed so far, and many to come. We've never moved this far. The last time I moved it was...around the block. Please wish us luck. We'll keep in touch. Watch for the next post.

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JenSwan60 said...

Hi Sharon -- I've redone my blog, now there are two, the poetry one is Twirlywordpoet
-- check me out, if you like. Are you really moving away from California? I hope I'll get to see you at Waverley before you more or before I die or before something happens -- missing all the poetry friends -- Hope you're well, Jennifer