Monday, July 30, 2007

slopoet begins a new life

I still have one job, treasurer of the nonprofit known as Sixteen Rivers Press. Can't get too lax, now that I don't have to report to the library anymore. Should get busy juggling some books, not 16 Rivers' -- maybe my own. One could spend half a day traipsing between banks. My grandfather started out as a bank teller, but I never got the idea he amounted to much. I remember him boasting to me when I was a little girl that he dealt with "salvage..." whatever that meant. My grandparents were close friends of Hannah and Frank Nixon in Whittier, you know, the folks with two sons, one of whom had to resign his job at the White House. Here's a picture of me and the Nixons. They always promised me I could play with their grandchildren, Julie and Trisha, but somehow that never came about. Later I took a left turn, never looked back.


JenSwan60 said...

Hi Sharon -- I love your blog, too. I'm encouraged that you only make an entry once in a while. I think I was over ambitious -- so maybe if I start out slowly, I can get back into it. I had no idea you'd retired -- very glad to see you're still in "books and words work" -- could you ever leave?
Hope to see you soon, at Waverley, if I can ever get myself back there, and thanks for your comments on my blog. Community!
Jennifer B.

Rachel Loden said...

Sharon, you're kidding! What a delight. I want to hear all the details. Looking forward to Sunday. How funny that we'll meet in Lyme, rather than Palo Alto!