Wednesday, June 20, 2007

new poetic form

I think the blog may have influenced my writing, specifically my poetry writing. My latest poem is roughly the size and shape of a blog entry. It looks like this:

Approaching Retirement

The agricultural specialist has approved root removal and transplant
to one of the lower-scored hardiness zones as long as the difference
in number does not exceed three, or maybe four, which would require
transformation from poet to novelist, perhaps, or even biographer,
writing about subjects living preferably in the 17th to 18th century,
requiring multiple requests for archival material to be sent to the new
zone, work being done primarily in the hothouse Florida room, which
most zone six homes seem to flaunt, even though they are boarded up
much of the year, I was thinking this would necessitate covering bare
limbs with woolen material, and layers of down, a kind of mulch
for the brain, the heart of the plant raring to go, no distractions,
no excuses, nothing but the blank page to be filled, and time to do it,
the specialist has promised there will be time, though the growing
period has actually stopped, he suddenly reminded me, several
decades ago.

Perhaps my poetry will now be in this form, prose poetry in this nice
boxy shape. And here are the hardiness zones for the Eastern
seaboard, in case you were interested.

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